MFI 2020 Sponsors

The organizing committee of the MFI 2020 Conference is grateful for any kind of support. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact sponsoring@mfi2020.org.

MFI 2020 Silver Sponsor
MFI 2020 Silver Sponsor - Springer - International Publisher Science, Technology, Medicine

Sponsoring Opportunities

We offer various ways to become a part of MFI 2020. If you decide to directly help fund the conference, you can benefit from different incentives ensuring your visibility. Where you will be mentioned in the conference materials and what benefits you receive depends on your commitment. We have summarized all benefits in the following table.

Benefit\Level Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Short Speech at the beginning of the conference Yes No No No
Logo projection during breaks Yes No No No
Logo on the Topbar Yes No No No
Advertisement in every conference bag Yes No No No
Advertisement on the conference badge Yes No No No
Advertisement on the CFP Yes Yes No No
Booth Large Large Small No
Advertisement in the Booklet Yes Yes Yes Yes
Banner in the lobby Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advertisement on the Website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commitment 10000 € 5000 € 2500 € 1000 €

The booth gives you the opportunity to allow your employees to directly address and connect with conference participants. We will put up your banner free of charge.

For the MFI conference, we make a distinction between 1) a sponsor participation for the purpose of increasing the visibility of the sponsoring company and 2) a technical participation of employees of the sponsor: Necessary staff for the booth can enter the conference for free, but have to book social events (welcome reception, gala dinner, …) if participation is desired. Sponsor employees with technical participation need to register for the conference. However, there will be a discount for participants from gold sponsors and above.

  • Platinum sponsors get a discount of 30% per full registration.
  • Gold sponsors get a discount of 15% per full registration.
  • In addition, gold and platinum sponsors obtain a coupon for one free tutorial per participant for the tutorials day on Monday, September 14, 2020.